As to the reasons performed Goodness succeed Solomon having step one,000 spouses and you can concubines?

Very first Kings eleven:step 3 says you to definitely Solomon “got seven hundred wives, princesses, and you can 3 hundred concubines.” However, Jesus “allowed” Solomon to possess these spouses, but allotment isn’t the just like acceptance. Solomon’s marital decisions was in fact in direct solution off God’s Law, and there have been outcomes.

Solomon began well early in his lifetime, hearing the counsel away from his dad, David, who advised your, “Feel solid, let you know yourself one, and you can to see precisely what the Lord your own God requires: Walk in his ways, and keep maintaining their decrees and you will orders, their regulations and requirements, due to the fact printed in what the law states out of Moses, you may do just fine in all you do and no matter where you go” (step 1 Kings 2:2–3). Solomon’s early humility was shown during the step one Kings 3:5-nine as he demands facts about Lord. Facts was used education; it can help united states build choices one honor the lord and you may agree with the Scriptures. Solomon’s publication out of Proverbs is filled with practical the advice about precisely how to check out the father. So, King Solomon know what was right, regardless of if the guy failed to usually proceed with the correct roadway.

Solomon also published the fresh new Track off Solomon, and this presents a gorgeous picture of exactly what Goodness seeks matrimony in order to become

Over time, Solomon forgot his personal the advice as well as the wisdom from Scripture. Jesus got provided clear tips for anybody that would become king: zero amassing from horses, zero multiplying away from spouses, with no racking up away from gold and silver (Deuteronomy -20). This type of purchases was in fact built to steer clear of the king away from thinking within the army you will, following overseas gods, and you may depending on money as opposed to with the God. One questionnaire away from Solomon’s existence will show that he bankrupt all the about three of them divine bans!

To help you excite their wives, Solomon actually had in losing in order to Milcom (otherwise Molech), a jesus you to definitely expected “detestable” acts becoming performed (step 1 Leaders 11:7-8)

For this reason, Solomon’s delivering of a lot wives and you can concubines was at head ticket out-of God’s Keyword. Exactly as Jesus had predict, “As the Solomon increased dated, their wives became their cardio shortly after almost every other gods, and his awesome heart was not totally devoted to god his God” (1 Kings 11:4).

Goodness desired Solomon to really make the solution to disobey, but Solomon’s solutions put unavoidable outcomes. “And so the Lord thought to Solomon, ‘Since this is their thinking and you’ve got perhaps not kept my covenant and my decrees, which i asked your, I am able to most definitely split new empire away from you and you will have to 1 of one’s subordinates’” (1 Kings ). Goodness presented compassion so you can Solomon having David’s purpose (verse a dozen), but Solomon’s kingdom is actually sooner divided. A different chastisement on Solomon is combat towards the Edomites and you can Aramians (verses 14-25).

Solomon was not a beneficial puppet king. God failed to push him to-do the thing that was right. Alternatively, Goodness outlined Their tend to, blessed Solomon which have information, and asked the new king in order to follow. Inside the retirement, Solomon made a decision to disobey, and he occured responsible for their decisions.

It’s instructive one to, towards the conclusion Solomon’s lifetime, God put him to type yet another book, hence we find from the Bible. The book of Ecclesiastes gives us “other tale.” Solomon in the book informs us everything you he attempted in check to get fulfillment other than Goodness these days, otherwise “in the sun.” This is his personal testimony: “I obtained gold and silver getting myself, and the treasure regarding leaders and you may provinces. I obtained . . . an effective harem too–the latest pleasures of one’s heart regarding people” (Ecclesiastes dos:8). But their harem did not bring happiness. As an alternative, “What you are meaningless, an effective chasing after the fresh new piece of cake; nothing try attained in the sun” (verse eleven). After Ecclesiastes, we discover smart the advice: “Here is the completion of your own matter: Worry Jesus and keep maintaining their commandments, for it is the entire [duty] away from people” (Ecclesiastes ).”

It’s never ever God’s often one some body sin, but He do help us create our own options. The storyline regarding Solomon was a strong example for all of us that it generally does not pay to disobey. That isn’t adequate to begin better; we have to seek God’s elegance to finish better, as well. Lifetime as opposed to Goodness is actually a-dead-end street. Solomon believed that with step one,000 wives and you can concubines would provide delight, but any kind of pleasure he derived was not worth the speed he paid. A better Solomon determined that their longevity of satisfaction try “meaningless” (Ecclesiastes 12:8), plus the publication of Ecclesiastes finishes into caution one to “Goodness provides most of the action towards the judgment” (verse fourteen).